Put the fuse on the fuel.

at 10:24pm last night, The government has announced another round of price realignment with the market value for RON97 against the market crude oil pricing, pushing the price up to RM 2.50 per litre premium. In light of the economic crisis of late, government seems to “realign” a lot on the fuel price.

Ok, now that the price has rev up so high, could the petroleum companies such as Caltex, BP, Shell, Petronas, Xcel???!!!?? Esso, Exxon… etc etc. care to explain to us, the car users on the amount of profit they actually make in returns, especially from Petronas.

As seen in Petronas Reward program MESRA, http://www.malaysiantoday.com.my/node/1826

The current promotion on the main prizes itself has already reached around 1.82 Million. Given that amount, it is possible to five each Perodua Car in Malaysia RM 10 each for the 3 months duration. That is just Petronas alone. There is also promotion done by Shell, Exxon/Esso etc etc.

I hardly see the needs for petrol company to make a selected few happy by prizes while increase the price of fuel for others. The wealth meant for the prize could help in terms of reducing the price of fuel a little bit. There should be a leverage between having a fuel prize and the fuel price.

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