losing the sex appeal

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As much as we like it, the coming of age somewhat make the older the obvious and the lesser even more obvious. I bumped into couple of former Miss Universe contestants and some of the pageant holder recently. One common consensus they have all given me was that they are losing their sex appeal! My jaw dropped when I heard that. the meaner tense in their mere words shows that what they felt with age catching on on them. fairly speaking, some of them has lost their sponsors on cosmetic products, they are hardly been mentioned during events etc and they seems to share the same sentiment that all these happening because they have lost their sex appeal.

Spending the 2 hours with them have tell-tale stories that was not within my fathom and the relic of their success is now written on their physique. Couple of the pageant holder never get married as when they found themselves to be too old for the activities that came with the title, they have also found out the other reality that they are too old to get married entice men to fall in love for them.

All these are beautiful women who was once successful and beautiful at the prime of their lives and all now have sadly withered away in time.