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I am writing this under duress from 16 old folks staying at one of the old folks home here in Kuching. I don’t blame them for forcing me to write this. It is so that people can remember what has happened on the things that is consider taboo to the Chinese during Chinese New Year.

There are many thing a Chinese should not do during the first 15 days of the Chinese New Year. Here are the list of things in non-particular order

1. No sweeping, brushing and dumping! – Wealth will go away
Only one exception is that if there is a stagnant water right at the front door of the house, it has to be swept out in single direction.

2. Do not curse – Any curse on Chinese New Year will strike back

3. Do not mentioned about Ghost – They might come and join your festivity

4. No association with death – It will bring sickness and back luck to the home! If any one died, they have to be buried immediately, no waiting

5. No Anger – If one score on first 15 days of Chinese New Year, his luck will be bad for 7 years.

6. Angpao Money from parents which is also known as the money to hold the age. These money should not be used until the festivity is over.

7. Eat fish – So that the abundant surplus will remain

8. Ear Garlic – So that count dracula will stay away, that ability to count money will be there for the year to come.

9. Lit Fire Crackers – So that the stray spirit will stay away from the building that they are been lit!

10. Do Not Wear Black – as it is associated to death and only those whose zodiac cycle is complete can wear black, Those who is a Dragon can wear it on the year of Dragon and so on. – Too bad, the old man fallen asleep before he can tell me the reason why there is this exception.

11. Red – Prosperous must be all over the house.

12. Do Not Fried Rice – If one  fry them, it means that he is keeping this years blessing for the next year.

It is only these that the old folks can teach me. I am treasuring my lunch hour with them every day during Chinese New Year. They are truly a cute bunch with lots of things and knowledge to teach the naive me!

**Discretion: Reader Discretion is Advised, E&OE!