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Last week, I have a call from a PR company working on bloggers that blogs about political and social issue. The reason they called for the interview is to gauge something for their client(s) on how Sarawak is doing in terms of satisfaction.

Grinding on the issue of how “unsatisfying” a Sarawakian would be, the least they have to do is to lead the interviewee into voicing out their dissatisfaction on what the Sarawak Government wants. in 10 occasions i corrected the view and impression or the questions asked on how the interviewer’s questions against my neutral stance. I have no idea why the interviewer would think that I am not satisfied with the current State Government! Not until I have to spat it out that I am not dissatisfy with the current Government! I have to quote example of how I felt I would prefer Sarawak over the Peninsular just for the interviewer to realised her presumptuous understanding or thoughts on my stand.

My point of view has been that Sarawak is the place I want to be, though the business opportunity are not that many here, it is a more harmonious state as compared to other states inn Malaysia. Though I may not see development coming here as enough, I would think that the State is at its best in assuring that things remains harmonious here.

One part that I did mentioned is the state of Public Infrastructure! I do see the need to have a better infrastructure, including a better public transportation system such as Bus Rapid Transport, However, I do felt that the responsibility to provide such should come from the Federal Government who has benefited much from Sarawak from all the resources that it has siphon from Sarawak! Especially the revenue they’ve earned from Petroleum! Give Sarawak say 10% of Petronas’ profit and we can have a much better public transportation system, road system, etc. With that sum, Kapit will be connected via road and not been cut off from the rest of civilised estate of Sarawak.

Now that I have the attention of the interviewer, I sincerely hoped that you put my point of view correctly and not have presumptuous thoughts as to my level of satisfaction towards the Sarawak Government!

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