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Another Milestone in life

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Every time I attend a funeral, one thing I could not help but to ponder is the recap of the life of one person. Some may parade their titles, some their success story, not many have told their life story … Continue reading

To be or not to be – That’s the question

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A recent one week of painful chase and much travelling, much of those that has been pulling hairs out and into the pain of the mindful has caught up with things that they cannot fathom. While in KL couple of … Continue reading

Why “prayer rally” is not according to the teaching of the Bible!

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It seems that politician here in Bolehland, whether they are in the looms or in the lights are often enough crossing themselves into the realm of religion touching on sensitive matters. Christian treasures two things in life more than anything … Continue reading

Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit

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Ok, Vision shown, mindset ready, ammunitions given (social media), All hyped up, 万事具备, Empowering? yes no and is Sarawak ready for these empowerment of youth? I for one is ready to see that these youth is empowered! As I see … Continue reading

Starbucks new leaf of change

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While getting my coffee this morning, I was greeted by Starbucks New Menus One thing special about the layered drink is that the history of it started from Kuching back in 1988 at a local kopitiam in Kota Sentosa. the … Continue reading