Delay payment of Wages and Salary

I was thinking of something to write about. And this is the only thing that came to my mind right now.

I see the law here in Malaysia been unfair to the employee. While most company will sack anyone who did not turn up for work for untold reason after 3 days, company are allowed to delay the payment of monthly salary up to 7 days. The only recourse that the employee can take is to the industrial court which seats once in a blue moon. The compensation of the unpaid wages can only be received when the court consents the order and not otherwise. If that be the case, anyone whose wages was not paid in time are only at the mercy of the employer. If a company is financially strained to pay the wages, come the good day, most will not even be paid any compensations or ex-gratia for the delay.

It is always an advantage to be an employer than an employee if wages is of concern.

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