The state of life!

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Ok, election is looming around. I have just realised from the news in the media that there is a hike in the crime rate these few days.

Seeing a Chinese lady losing her car and getting to know that there were 4 more cars broken into the next day rang my alarm bell. I am cautioning friends that things are turning sorrow with all these crime happening. 

I have learnt that the phone outage of a friend’s house yesterday was due to cable theft and that it is not only happening at one place but rather many places in and around the country. Cable theft of telco has cost over 10 million last year. and that’s just one telco. There are also power lines that has been stolen.

This is the thing. Some people would risk their own life trying to steal what is not theirs just so that they can make some money with them. How desperate are they?

Now let me relate that to the election. A lot of businessman who has “contributed” to the “social” sectors has been conserving their cash flows. These causes some fraction of the “social” sector to be drained of their liquidity. With our PM keeping mum about the election, these people would hold on longer.

You do see a lot of these “social” sector cutting their price out of desperation. Some food outlet in town has such a bad business that they have to close their stall. And those who is earning good income before from these food stall now have to find other source of income provision.

This is the six degree of separation that link the election to the hike in crime. Bad planning for the part of these people holding on to their money, I would say.

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