Starbucks new leaf of change

While getting my coffee this morning, I was greeted by Starbucks New Menus

New Menu – Cappucino
New Tea and Coffee Menu
The New Daily Offer – Cocoa Cappucino and Iced Coca Cappucino

One thing special about the layered drink is that the history of it started from Kuching back in 1988 at a local kopitiam in Kota Sentosa. the owner made the first Teh C 3 Layered. It has since migrated all over the world and in 2008, came up in the coffee and tea convention in 2008. This method of preparation has made it to Starbucks Menu and coming back to Kuching.

the 3 layer Cocoa Cappucino
Counter Top Promo

Still remember a while ago, Starbucks announced that they will be using their new logo in March 2011? Here it is.

***TAAA DAAAA*** The New Starbucks Logo

**drum rolling** And for those of you who love a sweet treat, introducing the new Starbucks Cup Cake and Brownies.

The all New Starbucks Cup Cakes and Brownies