Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit

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Ok, Vision shown, mindset ready, ammunitions given (social media), All hyped up, 万事具备, Empowering? yes no and is Sarawak ready for these empowerment of youth? I for one is ready to see that these youth is empowered!

As I see it, I felt that a lot of the “older” folks are not willing to let go! I think Sarawak Bloggers would concur that when I asked them to conform the agency, one thing I put to them is to let them run their own operations and their own team of office bearers to get them going! Still, the context of Sarawak-Bloggers though is empowering the youth or some of the not so youthful old-fart like me, they are here to stay! I am not sure if there will be some painful bits that will come when someone is not happy with this agency, however, the current empowerment is not adequate of the government does not allow such empowerments and come back with some seniors come stabbing at the back of some of the office bearers. General Order complaints has been made to some of these office bearers as of yesterday. I just hoped that this will not grow into something that will fail over in such a short time.

Enough sidetrack, back to the Empowerment of the youth. It takes two hands to clap! one this side,

The Youth
1. Need to think outside the box.
2. Need to take the courage to lead.
3. Need to move out of their comfort zone.
4. Need to think higher, further and longer.
5. Need to take charge of their life.
6. Need to listen.
7. Need to Synergise themselves
8. Need to move their ass!
9. Need to grow up!
10. Need to grow!

Those other than youth
1. Need to be willing to let go.
2. Need to be providing the foundation and not the environment.
3. Need to be willing to share their knowledge.
4. Need to learn what’s new and what’s the trend.
5. Need to change their life to move out their comfort zone to let the youth grow.
6. Need to listen
7. Need to set example to the youth and trying to force the youth to be like them.
8. Need to give encouragement and support to the youth
9. Need to Synergise the youth and themselves.
10. Need to be ready for these youth.

I am a preacher of these. I am open to see any of the youth group or agency which come to Sarawak get the pictures and informations that they need and render any form of help to them to the best of my ability. Which is why I have to make some decision as to what is my next move.

To be Continued…

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