Another Milestone in life

Every time I attend a funeral, one thing I could not help but to ponder is the recap of the life of one person. Some may parade their titles, some their success story, not many have told their life story until it was too late.

I met the late Datuk Ramsey Jitam of all the places, an old noodle shop in Kenyalang. He gave his account of the time when the fight against the communists and to much of that account, the story is remain untold. Though I can remember most of what he said, it is still painful to think that a hero has left us.

I attended another funeral today, one fighter, he loved cock fighting, and is a fighter himself. Though he was composed most of the time and been quiet, I could not help overhearing him murmured that he wanted to do something came the end of his life.

Though he is no more right now, his murmuring is only heard by me alone. What a character he has that I have yet to see in others that I came across.

Back to myself, I see things as coming to an end everyday when I live it through. life as we all knew is are many splendour things. It is how we appreciate it that counts. Though there are many success story, in the end it is either fame for a hundred generation or bad reputations for ten thousands years as in the Chinese parable – 不能万古留芳,倒不如余臭万年!

We all could remember those who did good deeds to others, such as Abby Lincoln, Mother Teresa, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and etc who has done good deeds to humanity! We also see the remembrance of those who committed atrocity against humanity! People like Hitler, Jack the Reaper, Saddam Hussien and etc!

There are milestones in life that we are all going to go through, however it is the deeds that counts and people will only remember the deeds of others and not the life they live by which was 99.9% all by themselves. It was the one in the thousands or hundred of thousands of things that one did in their life that other will remember.