To be or not to be – That’s the question

A recent one week of painful chase and much travelling, much of those that has been pulling hairs out and into the pain of the mindful has caught up with things that they cannot fathom. While in KL couple of days ago, I read the remarks of a friend on my blog and I reluctantly pulling it off when peers who is assisting me buzzed me while I was walking down Jalan Tun Razak towards KLCC. Now this is the thing about people who thought they can use their “political advantage” to cause pain to the others, I have my reservations. Though my peers has assisted me in getting to cause and starts an investigations on the matter, things has shown to be on the bitter side.

I do see why these power crazy people is legging on other people’s success. Been seeing this a lot here in Sarawak. This evening, my faith was tested again. While down at the Kuching waterfront attending a function with YB Larry and Hoong Ling, a sweet darling from KL, I was buzzed again about the outcome of their unpaired investigations. Though the outcome has been more than in favour to what I believed in, It is confirmed that the baseless accusations cannot be justified. These people who thought of their advantage is now having their disadvantage towards their end.

On the higher note, things is beginning to be sunshine all the way for those oppressed over a week, things is now over, vindicated! However, it may not be all smooth from now on as they will be under the watchful eyes of some other parties. Though there may be disclaimers put forth, it is still not enough escape the law.

*** Reader discretion is advised! ***