the wind of erection… correction Election.

This is about 4 group of people in Kuching from four different demographic background.

1. Retired Government servants and former politician
2. Two college students (Malay)
3. Three stall operator (Chinese)
4. Group of Farmers (Melanau)

1. It happened at the car park of Normah Medical Center yesterday. One former politician alighted from his car and was greeted by two other patients who were also there for medical checkup. They paused for some casual chat and right away, election is on the topic. The old politician asked who they are gonna vote, they all said “we will vote for others, don’t care who they are” one jokingly said to the former politician. Sensing amused the former politician asked why and the answer is somewhat amused “He now focus on erection, mana lagi focus on election?” The retired politician laughed until dropped into a seat nearby.

2. Two Mara students yakking while puffing outside a non-smoking building. “u vote siapa?” the other answered “aiye, sik mau vote la” ok, my Sarawakian dialect is bad  but I try to understand one of them caused the other one just went “aok aok aok” all the way. the one who spoke up was complaining about life been unfair, he is not comparing himself with Chinese but with another Malanau classmate nearby who is enjoying a bowl of kolomee in a Chinese kopitiam next to the building comparison about under PTPTN, under Mara Scholarship and PSC scholarship, living expenses and how he is not able to afford to bring the girlfriend out while the other Malanau fella has enough from the allowance to treat the girlfriend meals. The end of the cigarette goes if he can get the same deal as what the Melanau fella is getting, he will vote for BN, else he will vote for the opposition. *off the ciggy, on the songkok back into the building*

3. Three stall operators in the same kopitiam down at carpenter street yakking while making a living. consist of one young man, one older man and an elderly women, the women said “time to vote” in mandarin and ended with a long “lorrrrrrrrr…..” the young man answered in Hokkien, “Vote also no use” followed by the older man saying, “I dislike that Chong fella. he is proud and arrogant! Thinking that he is damn good! (si beh kiang)” The elder lady asked ” so you are not going to vote for rocket?” the younger chap said “if he didn’t vote for rocket I’ll castrate myself! ha ha!” the older man said “no choice, caused I wanted to see change to Kuching, that white hair fella is only thinking about the new wife, no heart to think about other thing. The election this time, they didn’t come and resurface the road here. Every time there is election they will come and resurface the road, this time, they don’t bother! everytime they come and hosed down the drain, this time, they don’t! Every time the temple up there get some donations to erect a shrine for sacrifice, this time they don’t, (mana ada? mana ada?)”

4. Group of Melanau farmers from a Melanau area nearby to Kuching came to the farmers associations for a simple yakking sessions. a few brought my favourite Umai in reciprocate, I have to get them some reload cards for their Celcom. pop into 7eleven I bought some and off I went to see them. These group of people consist of some of “relatives” of our right honourable CM are really funny bunch of people. each one asked for RM 10 reloads nothing more. in return they made me one KG of Umai. During the meetup, something funny happened. I knew all these people are BN people. but what they said to me shocked me. one of them is a BN community leader.  and these bunch of old chap in their 70’s or 80’s and even 3 of them inm their 90’s surrounded me for the reloads. After reloading their phone one-by-one, they’ve all talk about election. Bear in mind that these are well educated farmers who read English newspapers and who has dialogues sessions with the agriculture department on impromptu basis. They surrounded me and each with a cheeky smile.  The Umai making old chap who is the BN community leader yakked  in English: “Boy! when you cast your ballot, remember this. You don’t like Rocket, you must put X next to rocket, because you do not *wink on the eyes* want to vote for them.” I was like, “Aboden? I thought you put X next to the one you wanted to vote” The oldest one went on winking so hard saying “You are so wrong! a tick is yes and X is no, right?” he continue winking. I replied “Don’t trick me la!”  They all broke down in laughters. While been served with coffee, one of them said they want to “kacau” me. but he said that this time round they will follow that rules because some of the promises made to them on erecting something in the farming area but was not honoured since the last state election.

*** identity of the people involved are concealed. Reader Discretion is advised ***

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