None of the Above

Question: Will you elect representative from Barisan Nasional or from Pakatan Rakyat?

Answer: None of the Above.

That’s my analysis of the state election nominations that has concluded today, 43 out of the 71 constituencies are seeing 3-corner (or more) fight. The sentiments has it that people are beginning to get sick and tired of what BN and Pakatan has been doing since last Parliamentary Election. What we are kept in thinking now is that will BN be able to convince the people to give them another chance? Will Pakatan be able to change the mind of the rakyat and choose them for a change? or will the people be too contented and make their own decision to rile out the people’s choice of their own by voting for “None of the Above” and choose one outside the two sides?

We shall have to wait until 16th of April to find out!

Total Constituencies : 71

BN Candidates: 71
PKR: 49
Independent: 41
SNAP: 26
DAP: 15
PCM: 6
PAS: 5

Total 213


*** Personal opinion expressed. Reader Discretion is advised! ***

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