1/6: Academic analytics on youth empowering movement in Malaysia

I am writing a six part series on the subject matters of youth empowering movement. in Malaysia. As these writings is written to address issues and not to incite blames on any party whatsoever. It is therefore I would like to advise the reader for their discretions and discernments rather than any condemnations and blames. It is therefore that reader discretion is advised as all that I have discussed here are consider academic.

A good start does not guarantee a success.

Following the announcement of a successful Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit 2011 where the conference did not end in a good tone. I have noticed that these groups of people into the youth empowerment most of them could not even take off without considering of their recompense!

While some of the younger ones is eager to fly, a lot of those more senior with cynical thoughts and intend sneaked in and trying to gain something from these hot rods.

The next take to these new starts up all 209 of them to-date has been here to do something. Majority of them does not seems to know the main objective.

Let me put things into perspective here.

1. Reachable target
2. Clear and distinct path towards the target
3. Mission and Vision that is in sync with the needs of the community
4. A plan

These are bare minimum of wanting to get something done. Some may have a bit and parts of the four but failed to get all four on the table.

Take Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit for instance, Yes they have a target, No they don’t have a clear and distinct path, Yes they have a Mission and Vision statement in sync with the needs of the community and no, they do not have a plan. As I read the wrap statement they have sent out yesterday, I couldn’t help but wonder how they have the audacity to call it a success. I am not referring to the bad closing of the TLS, I am not talking about the cancelled workshop from the initial 25 down to 11 and down to 9 at the last minute, I am not talking about the promises they made to certain VIP which they have failed to comply, I am not talking about them putting non-leader on the forum panel such as two salary earner who did not even touch on anything about leadership, but rather introduced their products to the users. I am not talking about their failure to invite right honourable Deputy Prime Minister to officiate the event. I am talking about them not having a proper plan drawn, not having a clear and distinct target set, or in this case failure to achieve setting such target. I am talking about them failing to address youth empowerment directly!.

Take the Novell Laurette for instance, he is an example of ultimate success in winning the most notable awards in the world. However, no one is able to recap that as to how success in that epic proportion can happened to any youth who started work at the young of age.

By now, you may be thinking, why am I bashing on the summit for these failure? The answer is that I am not. I am merely quoting example of what I have seen during the summit. I am recapping on what they have left out in the wrap statement.

During the forum, one of the panel shoot a question at me on how to empower the youth. This is the exact point that I am repeating here. I have seen then the 166 youth group having a good start. but I did not see them been successful one year down the road. I have managed to dig into a few who were not at the TLS. I have been in contact with these young people (not that I am old) that they have been trying to get things done. Young people like me before and that before me, like to start something with immature plans and once hitting a road bump, will not continue on the journey and either they go back and start something new or they turn to working for someone else and become the average Joe.

Here is the wrong and missing (missed) equation:

Empowerment -> struggle/perseverance/strive/battle -> target->Full Stop

I can say that for those who has achieved their target, this is what happened to them. They will hit the end of the road

Ok, that’s the picture I have painted here. I can quote from my past and from what I have observed from the 209 a multitude of examples that is following exactly the same path.

Encouragement & Empowerment

Ok,Catchy words like “You can do it”, “That’s Awesome”, “You’re Awesome” means nothing when there is no substance and all hype. Quoting someone who has been in this business way longer than me, he is concerned that there are a lot of start-ups and in fact too many start-ups that is without substance. Forget about substance, Talk about the path they took above, seeing that things is heading to the tops of the horn some what hurt those of us who are in this without thinking of making a dime for ourselves.

People who is into youth empowerment has to be like a teacher. All teacher wanted their students to be better than themselves. Though I have reached the pinnacle of been an academician, I do not strife to be using it to the full advantage of myself. I coach my apprentices for free. Most of these post-grads are successful people right now in many fields.

Let me introduced you to one of the recipient of my work. Though my lab that I have closed 3 years ago was funded by some large corporates with government input, I can have a clear consciences of saying that I did not use a single dime from that money and that this students whom after having her EE project funded through the lab has came to me after her graduations and asked for further help. Let’s just call her Anne here. (Not her real name) Her project is to design a Autonomous & Programmable System Control Unit on chip. Only thing I can say through that experience is that MOSTI – X, MDEC – X, Local Angels – X. I wanna help but personally I am just making end meets.

I called up a professor friend of mine in UCLA who redirect me to a lady working in Hutchison Telecommunication in Hong Kong. With her help, and my mentor and faithful professor, the late Dr. Ichigago Watanabe, she managed to get her prototype presented to a military contractor. Her product was made into prototype chips and demonstrated. To keep the story short, her successful demonstration has won her funding to start up her own product development team and matured the product to be used in 2009. She was one of the recipient of the X-prize after the sponsor (not to be named) brought her into the forefront of technological epitome.

To-date, even though she wanted to reciprocate for the air-tickets that I bought for her HK trip, I gladly turn them down and asked her to empower other students who need them more than I do to bring in even more empowerment. I am glad that she is now setting up education fund in the country she is in for a university there.

Maybe you will think what is so special/great about her product. Let’s just say that it has revolutionalised flight. Usually a Fly by wire plane has 3 computers to run, A 737 controls at least 200 different censors and machineries each with different parameters and operate. When one computer is down, another one will take over. However, if one of the interface with a component is down, the computer will shutdown and ceased to operate. Her ASCU fixed that by removing the computers and place one chip to each components and control them separately, yet all the ASCU is communicating with one another through a series of wire and wireless communications protocols. Unfortunately, some of the details of her product cannot be disclosed.

I am not saying that one success story brings out the best of a man, I can only say that I am proud of her and proud to be in part of the process to her success. I would not say much about others but  I could only encourage them to go on with what they have aspired. yet I have to caution that not all are in this game for the betterment of the youth, Some are aftering money in their wallet.

End of part 1/6

*** Academic Discourse on subject matters. Reader Discretion is advised ***

p. s. the word awesome is supposed to be negatively imaged. The slang of it makes it good in a bad way. Just like “You are bad” * lusciously*