Defeated by Social Media

Most politicians I knew would ride on printed media to make their charade and tell their story of them working their ass off in a public display. However, come Sarawak State election 2011, the platform has changed. Things that politician is trying to hide is now easily exposed. Any wrong doing will be highlighted, people knowledge of their rights and the law has increased. Most if not all would know what is acceptable and what is not!

Earlier this morning, several friends on Facebook and twitter has complaint that they were been waken up by SMS campaigning for candidates in the wee hour after the period of campaigning!

This morning, while going through casting my vote at Maksak Center here in Kuching, I couldn’t help but to wonder about the flaws I have sighted in SPR Standard Operation Procedure. I know that “Undi tu Rahsia”, I have also noticed that the Ballot paper has a running serial number. Though the officer read out my name and IC number out loud, I could still find a way to track the vote. All they need is someone keeping track on starting serial number and audio record the whole process, the running serial number is still trackable. Since no one can guaranteed that there is no audio recording been done,

So much for Business Engineering on Balloting. Back to Social Media. The campaigning via SMS after campaigning period has their evidents published by Social Media users all across Malaysia. Though some may not think that this is against the law, by sharing them on internet exposes the campaign office wrong doing which will disqualify the candidates.

It will not be a surprise if some f the candidates will lose their battle because of Social Media. The power of Social Media has excel beyond the control of the politician and the only way that a politician can win is to come clean and transparent and be judged by Social Media.

*** Personal Opinion is expressed! Reader Discretion is Advised!