Sarawak very own heavenly Liberica Coffee

most if not all would not have known that here in Sarawak, we have our own home grown coffee. while a lot of people would loved to grab some Arabia, Robusta, or some java beans, the much neglected Liberica from Sarawak own Baram region is simply the freshest coffee we can get here in Sarawak.

As a recent coffee drinker, I brought a guest to a shop at the corner of a street to savour some Liberica coffee! I could not but help to wonder if these coffee is actually from Sarawak as it tasted so fine that even Starbucks blends could not have compared to the freshly brewed coffee out of the expresso machine into a glass filled with just ice alone. Simply heavenly.

If you would like to savour this coffee in your next trip to Kuching, feel free to give me a yell to bring you there!

2 responses to “Sarawak very own heavenly Liberica Coffee”

  1. That’s one of the place. But I will take it at a local coffee shop version if someone wants it as well! :0)