Bersih 2.0?? what about Kotor 2.0? (Incl Perkasa & Umno Youth Marches)

ok, I know some people would think about why I blog about this, Actually, I want to blog about the other aspect of holding a rally!

Though I knew Datuk Ambiga in some brief meets before, I could won’t touch on whether Bersih 2.0 is right or wrong or on the right side or on the wrong side as my interest is not there at all.

I am going to use bersih 2.0’s rally to talk about the environment, especially on the aspect of pollutions. Let’s just think for a while, how much trash will be left over after the rally. I am sure most of those who go to a rally couldn’t care less about environmental cleanliness in mind. Even if those who who has cleanliness in mind would also contribute to the mess left around in the environment.

Every time there is a public demonstrations, there will be things thrown around. Often enough if “water cannon is been used, there will be a lot more trash than if it is not as some things that the people have with them are blown into pieces, i. e. Newspaper some use as shade, books they have with them for light readings, food, drink bottles….. the list goes on..

I am sure a lot of those plastics bottle will be HDPE, PET and etc. most will take up to 150 years for it to degrade. I am not sure what will DBKL do with them. I would estimate that there will be more than 1 ton of waste left over at the site if the people turning up exceeds 10K. If 0.1 ton of waste ended up in urban sewage after the rally, it will be factored into contributing at least 1 °C 3 years down the road for the urban Kuala Lumpur.

I don’t know about the political course of bersih 2.0 (not in my interest or thought at all) I only fear that the waste left over after the rally will impact not just those who is into politic but also for everyone in the world.

For those people who MUST go to one of the rally, I urge you not to being anything that can become trash. You do not want to be labelled as Kotor 2.0.

*** Personal Opinion Expressed! Reader Discretion is Advised ***