Get HeadHunted?

Looking into the change management paper of my last student, I could not help but to wonder what has happened to the Malaysian Job Market. An analysis concluded by this Japanese student on the two targetted head hunters shows that most if not all did not state qualification minimum above graduates.

I have recently chat with 3 parties, of which one is jobstreet (revisiting), To come to the extend of allowing contradicting and non-logical criteria to be advertised as jobs pushes the edge off jobseekers. On my citation, a job was advertised on the 27 July with a closing date of 16 July for the matter making job application illogical and illegal by misrepresentation. Stupidly enough 123 applied to the job before a correction was forced through and another 100+ applied after correction. Even though the job specifications stated was also illogical. for a person to have 15 years minimum on two hard skills each and loads of soft skills as mandatory requirement, the total logical age of the person they want is to be at least 50 years old if the person started work at age of 19.

On second contact with the said advertiser, they are baffled about the logics and to my surprise and the surprise of my peers in Tokyo, This company could not understand why there is the need to collate the age as per their own specifications.

On third occasion, I was chatting with a job site senior executive whom also is carrying out a recruitment drive of their own and to my surprise, it was cited that the level of education does not mean nuts here in Malaysia.

As quoted, “percieved intelligence is a chore, percieved stupidity is a blessing. if u are seen clever no one explains, if u look stupid everyone falls over themself to help” I sees it as a way to alleviate the norm here whereby the “important”s meets  survival of the fittest and the less knowledgeable one are the one who will be helped in lieu of recompense. I am beginning to wonder what has happened to the k-economy plan and where it has headed to, and what is going through the mind of the 18K PhD students after they have finished their course and come back to this “reality”

** This article is expression of personal opinion. Reader discretion is advised.