society continuum and sales pitch recipe

society continuum

while working on some discussion with chris over the weekend, some points that really surfaced causes me to look into a solution for political continuity. there is a secret for any organisation to form a continuity plan. most if not all would not be able to realise them as they do not have anything to focus on this.

in united states, all the past president is still be addressed as president and the current president can consult them for their knowledge and experiences they have gained during their tenure.

over the causeway, singapore ,maintained the same policies whereby all the previous prime minister are made mentor to the newly elected prime minister. this is done to serve to extend the knowledge and experiences of the predecessors in accumulations and pass it on to the current stake holder.

it seems that this rule works.

i have been observing people last week at jayaone shopping while chris is doing the don’t duck it campaign. i have noticed that the link is all in the mind or will of the lesser gender. which makes me realised that the weak is the one spending and the stronger one provides. this recipe works. unknowingly, a lot of the corporate sector is already following the same recipe.

it seems that this recipe also works