Month: September 2011

  • shell’s last resort In the recent fire as cited here, shell have no alternative but to force majeures the 11 contracts it has from the ill-fated refinery. The effect of these is that some contract is now not fulfil-able at selling windows making the contract price void and buyer would have to realign it’s contract windows and […]

  • Carbon Credit’s call A lot we read about carbon footprint and carbon credit. In particularly the Carbon Credit. Though in the past year, our Prime Minister has quoted that Malaysia projecting the reduction of Carbon footprint by 40% in the next 9 years to come, It is hard for some quarters to take as they said […]

  • Nasi Lemak 2.0 vs 5 poisons

    I’m always a lover of good local films. one part I enjoy are the local culture and practices depicted in them. One one hand one do have the freedom of expression on what they have in their mind about the happenings, I would not agree with the way utusan Malaysia (hereinafter be called the 5 […]

  • SSPG the hype! This just popped in from the media. My earlier article about transportation of Consumer Petroleum products touches on the viability of Cylinder Gas at a very premium price in certain area in Sarawak. The Government and O&G sector infrastructure to operate this pipeline shall reduced the cost of the GAS to these people. Ultimately, […]

  • Firefly: Fuel Saving by not implementing Fuel Surcharges

    Much of the Press Releases by FY in June is on the fuel surcharges. Looking at the Business Realignment plan in the fix since April 2011, FY has insist that there won’t be fuel surcharges without telling the world that they are to cancel those flights of theirs after some share swapping and shrinking exercise. […]