The fuel jinx

I was surprise sometimes ago when the price of fuel hiked, some operators are complaining to customer at the pump here saying that the increase is eating into their profit. This is odd, the two and a half gas suppliers here in Sarawak are not feeling the pinch at all. Back when this happen, Both main stations operator – Petronas and Shell are giving out $$$$$ CASH $$$$$ that amounted to 10.5 million. Even at the time of this writing, Shell is still giving out $$$$$ CASH $$$$$.

This is a simple calculation….

There are 1,006 Prizes to be won every week!!!! can you believe it? 1,006?. I pumped every week, I have never seen any of these prize coming my way! Total amount per week is RM 130,000 in total. Contest span from 7 Sept 2011 until 15 November 2011 for a total of 10 weeks! That’s 1.3 Million plus the grand prize of RM 500,000, for a grand total of 1.8 Million.

That’s 180 Million sen! If amortisation is correct it will amount to almost RM 10 Millions a year.

Malaysia consumed 200 Million barrel of petroleum products a year!!! 40% are by vehicle. half of which are by petrol vehicles and 70% are using RON 95, the amount could bring down 0.2 sen of the price.

If only the petroleum company can adjust their price downward on their own to a range set, they can afford these discounts if they select a commonly consumed products and ride the discounts on them. It will benefit the people here.

Petronas 2010 reports