Firefly: Fuel Saving by not implementing Fuel Surcharges

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Much of the Press Releases by FY in June is on the fuel surcharges. Looking at the Business Realignment plan in the fix since April 2011, FY has insist that there won’t be fuel surcharges without telling the world that they are to cancel those flights of theirs after some share swapping and shrinking exercise.

WEF 16 Sept 2011, after just less than 3 months in operation, FY have stopped JHB Operation and soon, in October, the KUL MTB operation. I am wondering what will happened to their advertisement signage in Kuching Interational Airport which has been fully paid until December 2011?

It is a lost for Sarawak and Sabah without the FY flight. The platform they have built is now for use for flights out of Peninsular. “The Cheapest fare guaranteed” has expired.

I would love to see more flight by other competing airlines coming into Sarawak. With good competition comes better deal for the customers and of course, bringing more smiles to the O&G sector for the higher consumptions which will bring more Ringgit and Sen to the little 5% that the state is currently enjoying.

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