Nasi Lemak 2.0 vs 5 poisons

I’m always a lover of good local films. one part I enjoy are the local culture and practices depicted in them.

One one hand one do have the freedom of expression on what they have in their mind about the happenings, I would not agree with the way utusan Malaysia (hereinafter be called the 5 poisons – 五毒散) as it has been called recently by the director of the film.

What are 蝎子(scorpion)、蛇(Snake)、壁虎(monitor lizard)、蜈蚣(Centipede) and 蟾蜍(toad). Though in Chinese Medicine, each one of these poisons has cure in herbs, but the combination of the 5 is lethal!

On the name 辣死你妈, literally means “too hot for your mama”, although if you separate them, 辣死 means strangled and 你妈 means “your mama” which is a way Chinese scold people that they don’t like, However, when you put them altogether, it will not mean any of them at all.

Personally I think the feud between the 5 poisons and too hot for your mama is something that should not have happen. As our countries’ leader is attempting to forge unity with 1Malaysia and many other programs, there is this bunch of people who is still in the pre-merdeka fighting spirit trying to form singularity, though our countries, in its singularity has been formed on 16 Sept 1963. The pre-merdeka spirit should only be in our reminiscent and should be something of the past, we should look forward to our countries’ leadership in bringing in more unity to make the reality of Malaysia, realised.

** Personal Opinion is expressed, Reader Discretion is advised.