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Water! oh! Water! Why are you so Expensive?

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I was baffled by the price of water of late when my dad’s house ran out of water twice last week, buying some water from supermarket for consumption causes me to shout out loud. How could this happened in Malaysia???!!!??? … Continue reading

Fuel Economic

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no pun intended. one has to consume 2400 litre of premium fuel in order to deliver the following to certain part of Sarawak. – 325 litre of Diesel (RM 585) – 200 litre of RON95 (RM 360) – 4 cylinder … Continue reading

Where is the water?

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Part of Kuching was left waterless for 14 hours yesterday, This was due to some mishaps at the construction site near Jalan Song where the Water Main to the prime are was knocked out by an excavator. Any attempt of … Continue reading

The fuel jinx

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I was surprise sometimes ago when the price of fuel hiked, some operators are complaining to customer at the pump here saying that the increase is eating into their profit. This is odd, the two and a half gas suppliers … Continue reading


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