Month: October 2011

  • Wikipedia – Sarawak

    It looks apparent that for the last 48 hours or so, someone is too eager to be the CM of Sarawak. As depicted in the screen capture below A check into the Wiki History shows that someone have been trying to be funny. I hoped MCMC will check into the identity of the culprit! As […]

  • Our flag!

    Every time I stared at a Sarawak Flag, I will either think that this guy is a patriot or this guy is a tyrant. For one thing that I’ve noticed, most of the time, people did not realised that they are using the wrong flag! Please, for the love of your country! use the right flag! […]

  • New æ–™ (ingredient) in the soup.

    Someone told me that the cook has added new ingredient into the bowl of soup. This ingredients shares the same origin as the empurau and is known to be a kind of its own. However. this guy is unsure how spicy the bowl of soup will be after the ingredient is been added. With such […]

  • The junior leagues change in progressssssssss…..

    ok, this is just in. There are now 5 confirmed contenders for the junior league… So, good luck to all of them. Although I am wondering if this bowl of Chinese broth indeed a edible by the end of this race. It is however, Chinese junior league. Let’s hoped that the hot potatoes is not […]

  • The accidental winner

    The Digi Challenge for Change came as a last moment thing when I got a call from wackybecky who wanted to give my contact to cerventus. This brings in a phone call from Emily! Knowing that there were that many start up weekend coming to Malaysia, this is a rare opportunity. I pushed myself into […]