Budget! Y Sabah?

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It was not that politicians in Sabah are good at lobbying, nor was it about significant of Sabah to the current government, or was it?

Ok, this is the equation. During the recent budget, many projects and perks was mentioned about Sabah and Sarawak. I was utterly surprised that the development fund was focusing more on the onslaught in Sabah than other places. Other than the usual beef for “Greater KL” and greater corridors, all seems to be focusing on Sabah.

To balance the equation, I smacked at looking into the plot of which the scheming politicians in the feds are doing. Lets weight the political weight of all the power grid. In Sarawak, we have a very strong BN Sarawak. In Semenanjung, there are plans to regain states and retain current ones. All that is left is this place called Sabah.

If one have travelled to Sabah, you will realised that most of the current development falls into the space around Kota Kinabalu. Secondary Towns like Kudat, Sandakan, Tawau etc are often enough kampung-like. Beauty as it is, I am checking in the places from the port and seeing the amount of development going there, I must say, Sabah is it.

As we see more roads to be built in Sabah, one must wander to wonder why the road is systemically a neglect. Wait, What about the larger Sarawak?

Sarawak is been developed. Sarawak is the only state that has 3 cities in it! We do have roads stretching from Kuching to Miri. But wait… What about Kapit? Pulau Kapit has been an inland island where access by road is only achievable via logging trunks. There are talks on the roads to Kapit, but the political weight is just not there….. yet!

The need from the ruling parties on Sabah is a need, not a want. This is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Without Sabah, there is no such thing as simple majority. As much as we want more here for Sarawak, I could only see the feasible things for the decision makers is to satisfying the cries out of those component parties in Sabah who wanted more of this and more of that. I don’t blame them. The decision of the budget is a necessity to gain winning advantage and not for fulfilling wishes and wants en masse.

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