My Supposed KL Trip

Many years ago, in the land below the wind, I received a phone call stating that I was required to be present in KL for a meeting in 3 days time. Planning ahead things as I used to be, I booked into a morning flight from KK back to Kuching, then to take another flight to KL. On that early morning, I went to the airport, It was usually parked in the tarmac a plane meant to leave early to KK, but that morning, there were no plane at sight. Upon checking, there were problem with the plane. Good excuse or delay. The plane came and I caught it to KK, come to the KKIA, I was supposed on the 9:00am plane. There I waited until 9:15am and I can’t see the plane. It was at that time that I realised that the plane ain’t going to happen. Upon Checking, some dude from MAS told me that the plane has been “retimed” from 9:00am till 4:45pm on the same day! Wait a minute, My flight to KL is supposed to be at 5 something pm!

I went to the counter and asked if I can get an earlier flight at 3:45pm, which was full. I asked about flight from KK to KL which is at 6 something pm and it was also full! not only that, the KK-KL flight was also retimed for 2 hours.

Upon asking further, It was an operation issue. MAS inbound flight was delayed and the crew was put to sleep for mandatory crew rest as excuse!

Ok, there I seated in the lounge waiting! I was supposed to be in an interview at 10pm in KLIA with foreign contract project. It seems now that the contract will be void and the network is going to put me as “not showing up”. It has also knocked my chances with networking them into Sarawak.

Though this incident happened more than 4 years ago, I am still damn pissed whenever I heard our transportation sector misused the word “retimed” as excuses for delay!

I called upon the customer management office there on the issue and while waiting, given a pen and paper to write a letter to be faxed to KL, 2 hours later, the officer came looking for me and said that Top management has replied that the delay was due to “retimed” and since it is not a delay but a “retimed”, MAS is not going to entertain any complaint in the matter as it is operation procedure to “retimed”! I asked him then who gave that silly reply, Top Management, very top.

With the feud I have on twitter tonight, it brought back really painful memories. All those connecting flight that I didn’t take was void and I lost a job contract that could easily make me live a lot better than what I am doing right now.

That was not the only incident, couple of years later, on the same sector, same thing happened. Only difference is that there were no business loses during the second incident.