Junior league in boiling soup

It is expected that the premier league is getting on the temperature. Whose butt is going to get kicked is all up to the “members” and with all the revolts and fishes and prawns been in the net, all that is to wait is for the magic moment when the goal was not guarded properly to kick a goal.

We can expect a penalty kick coming very soon and I think not being a footie does have the advantage to skid and slides the balls off the player’s feet.

With that much adrenalin pumping one must not forget that other than the premier league, there is also the junior league which would require some more pumping, kicking and squeezing before things starts to fall into place. We shall see that some of the players marked for the premier still trying their luck in the junior league though their age does not even qualify them to be anything but senior’s junior.

Will they have the time to go back to their own turf?