The accidental winner

The Digi Challenge for Change came as a last moment thing when I got a call from wackybecky who wanted to give my contact to cerventus. This brings in a phone call from Emily!

Knowing that there were that many start up weekend coming to Malaysia, this is a rare opportunity. I pushed myself into the part of the campus which I seldom go to. As I was coming up to the fateful day, I managed to clear my schedule for the event.

Going through each of the teams, I know, handing out my name cards pisses off one of the other mentors during Friday night. I believed this team was the first one which I gave my name card to. It came close to one of my students’ paper back in 2007.

The weekender, some came for credit hour, some came for other programs, some thinking that this is a lecture and thinking back to my post-grad day, free food! Campus economy at play. One of the winner was there for it and going back with media coverage, RM 1k startup money, a new project and of course, free food!

Though there are ups and downs in the weekend, with so many sideline political wannabe in it as judges, mentors, I was beginning to wonder if it is a wise thing to do as I am in it solely for the academic.

Those at the political boundary includes one of the judge from Barefoot Mercy, a hardcore supporter to Radio Free Sarawak, and politically aligned, Also there June – politically linked to partisan politic. Mdm SH Wee – linked public figure linked to several cultural organisation, linked to anti-institutional movement.

Ok, other than June, who is lecturing on cultural, though as the acting head of house of culture, I would not agreed with most of what she has been trying to do. Most if not all have no coaching experiences in un-conference, motivation events, and almost all are in the information feeding industries.

When my contact from the unnamed department warned me about these people, I seriously think that I am going to pull out when I was about to get my tooth drilled prior to going to UNIMAS on Friday evening.

Well, what the hell with the political sidelined people. I’m there for building the future generation, something I took up for a long time. I know by now Cyril will be thinking this “sh*t is the same sh*t” when he tweeted that evening about “getting the advise from the right type of people!” Oh well, Cyril, You’re still too far away thinking that everyone is there to compete with you. Sorry bro, you are way off on what the thing is all about! The two teams were on blogging, you can check with them who I asked them to check with on blogging! As you are seems to be having a pissing contest with me indicating that at some of the NGO and academicians, I welcome this challenge. But before that, Get PhD, 6 PostDoc, ran 2 incubator and 2 electronic labs, 1 bio-electronic R&D lab, 3 years in jungle, 6 closed call with death, co-owned 18 patents on technology item, get APICTA award and World Summit Award from UN in resume and seats on at the helm of 4 European fellowships. That’s what I have achieved and that’s what you are “competing” with! Talking behind my back to another mentor… I heard that! Always look behind your back when you want to comment negatively about other people. Please get through your system, I am not competing with you on what you want to do with S.Bloggers’ business establishment! YUP! All About Biz.

Ok, enough crap talking. Here is the story.

A boy from BP, studing in UNIMAS, having campus economy in mind, thinking like some good mind of saving some pocket money joining event with free food just been selected with his team to be one of the 2 winner in the c4c3. The whole process started when they thought of power/electrification. I jumped the gun at first to ask them question on whether the Ampere, Watt and Voltage issue when touching on electrification, Also on the efficiency rate, the decay lost and storage issue as they are going to store the bit and pieces.

With experiences on Pico-Hydro and Fusion Power Enhancer, I shared the most common problem an electrification project will have. Retention, Transmission and Efficiency. I talked to the team on efficiency rate, the decay rate and the on load factor. With 5 of the 21 teams on electrification, I really doubt where the wow factor is going to come from!.

Ok 3 team was dissolved into other team while another 2 team AWOL after Saturday night hush-hush session with the mentors.

My analysis is that 7 teams decision was influenced by barefoot mercy, 4 attempts by sidelined political figures on changing their ideas to their preferences. and 2 teams was directly influenced by yours truly.

By now, some may think, Did I just promoted K1M, Jibby’s little baby? or Social Media Association? Nope. Neither. My influence was on the sensor technology, a very niche market and Human Capital Investment.

Those in the electronics and automation knew that sensors are an art in electronics. The technology is really rare. It is however, the most profitable in the EEE industries. In fact, IEEE took that as the backhold of modern electronics. One of the team member came and asked me: “How do we link communications into urban horticulture? I think I blindly answered “Sensor, for rain, water, temperature, acidity, and other environmental elements.

On the other team, they have worked out the components on their own, when I was at the table, they told me they do not know how to link them together. I give them a lead and walked away. “Human Capital Investment”. Come second round, They pretty much have all the essential of HCI, Several pieces they could not piece together are the communication element and the budget. I gave them some more info and suggestion on linkage of communication using “social networking model” which was later removed.

The musical team did their bids, I was amazed on how fast they are ahead over other team. I caution them about the licensing and royalties.

Back to the accidental winner. Food – brainstorming, I forgot that what I rattled might not be understood by the student. I was highlighting the problem with piezo implementation so far, which is the voltage. I told them about the possibility of using Fusion Power Enhancer which will increase in all aspect in the electrification with Boron-5 that uses ambient heat into enhancing minor power source, the same technology light scaled thermo fusion induction power generator is using. Still, mind of the youth nowadays works wonders. There is no roadblock for them from now on!

There were two teams on the bid for the same technology. There is the piezoelectric and the other one is in kinetic impact  generator technology. One thing I felt that they got it wrong is on the piezo kinetic (battery-less torch light) and piezo fusion electric. Anyway, it is now for them to find out themselves.

Some people asked me, what am I getting out of this, “Satisfaction” seeing how the future is coming through. There are technology that is possible and there are technology that is impossible.

One thing that Maclean Patrick said well that Saturday night! “There is no excuse for laziness” Team copying ideas from other people’s business just won’t work.

The floor is been driven towards electrification because of the speech on Friday afternoon. I would say, electrification is good, it does state the need here in Sarawak. However, there are more than just electrification that can contribute to the remote area. Electrification is to bring civilisation to the detached community. This will bring in change to these area. Yup on one hand, there are change coming to them, on the other hand, one must ask, do they really need this change that will override their culture, lifestyle, their livelihood and is civilisation really a necessity? Is the context of urbanisation now grow into bringing urban lifestyle to the rural? Is the change necessary? Though the BPA plastic water filtration system is silly in terms of health and impact, I would think the best methodological team is that team as they are trying to prevent interferences and nichely address the one and only needs from the village on the need of clean water. It was not that they cannot find an alternative ways of getting drinkable water, it was the development down stream that causes more need upstream where water needs of urbanisation has caused water to be transported out and the water source they have is now polluted due to that. The need to bring cheap filtration system there is the answer to the need. That is what we need. If I am one of the judge, I will choose them instead and giving this reason. There is the need to conserve. We need to think change. Changing the way we think about advantage of civilisation is what we must change and to me, that is the challenge that Digi should highlight.

I am also wondering what has happened to the team addressing the communication needs of Digi directly and what has happened to them checking into FIT’s HAPS system which I gave references to.

One more thing about the accidental winner, Their solution may not be addressing the needs of a socially under-served community. The rule of supply and demand does indicate that the under-served community does not need such electrical appliances unless there is element of charity.

Also, all piezo kinetic and the rules of electronics does not allow on-load and on-demand load on the piezo power to be inverted to AC, This they have to figure out. I hoped the PS in their system will remain DC and not AC. The ACE would need to take the power, apply the Fusion Power Enhancer mechanism and invert to AC. I’ll seriously calculate the ampere and the conversion lost before prototyping. It is still a long way to go. I do hoped that they are going to use isotope-salt-silicon storage for the PS and not lithium or Cadmium or isohydrade for the environment sake. Wonder should I open up the patent on Fusion Power Enhancer which I co-owned? Prof. Elaine Wong, care to give “daddy” an email on this when you read this, or you want them to figure out the flute of the law by themselves. And the patent on Sodium salt silicon, Dr. PK Chin.

Two things I must warn the team on the use of piezo electric. One is on the choice of material! chemical material may have some problem. Pico electronic could be your solution, Think Scala. Think portability, think sub-fusion issue and decay rate on the chemical. And secondly, The application part of the piezo electric at AC. Though that is the innovation point of the presentation, Maybe, I mean, just maybe you want to stop at DC. This is because of our law that states that all AC power source needed an IPP each license. I do hoped that they give exemption to your product if it materialised.

Also on the inversion process, either there can be a crystal lined switch which has lesser lost if multiple unit of DC is aligned in flip-flop configuration. it use a timed XOR gate to switch in between. This method will caused less loss. Other inverter will have scala lost or conversion lost or chain lost effect in inversion process.

I hoped these theories reference will help.

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