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Every time I stared at a Sarawak Flag, I will either think that this guy is a patriot or this guy is a tyrant. For one thing that I’ve noticed, most of the time, people did not realised that they are using the wrong flag!

The WRONG Sarawak Flag

Please, for the love of your country! use the right flag! If you do not have a copy of the image, you can get it from here.

The CORRECT Sarawak Flag

The CORRECT Sarawak Flag

Please do notice the red and yellow colour code. They are the colour of Iban’s arts and not the solid red and solid yellow.

Info from Government Official Web Site

The current State flag was adopted in 1988 to mark the 25th anniversary of the formation of Malaysia, and Sarawak’s role as an equal partner in the Federation along with Sabah and Malaya.

Red symbolises the courage, determination and sacrifices of the people in their tireless pursuit to attain as well as maintain progress and esteem in the course of creating a model State.

Yellow signifies the supremacy of law and order, as well as unity and stability in diversity.

Black represents the rich natural resources and wealth of Sarawak such as petroleum and timber, which provide the foundation for the advancement of the people.

The yellow, nine-pointed star represents the nine administrative Divisions at that time (the State currently has 11 Divisions). The star also embodies the aspirations of Sarawakians to improve their quality of life.


The next time you use a Sarawak Flag, please refer them to the State Government Web Site at http://www.sarawak.gov.my for the correct flag.


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