Month: October 2011

  • Junior league in boiling soup

    It is expected that the premier league is getting on the temperature. Whose butt is going to get kicked is all up to the “members” and with all the revolts and fishes and prawns been in the net, all that is to wait is for the magic moment when the goal was not guarded properly […]

  • What do we get from them ‘oyl’?

    When we stare at the Petroleum Development Act and also the financial reports of Petronas, Shell, et al, we couldn’t help but to wonder, where did all those money have gone to? I won’t be caring about what’s going back to the company but I would be intrigued by what is going back to the […]

  • You put WHAT in the “soup?

    Got a message in pre-dawn morning. Someone was cooking broth who day yesterday trying to get it right. Though the recipe didn’t change, the main problem they are facing with is the things that kept popping into the bowl throughout the day. Came morning, yesterday, the soup is almost ready with all the spiciness and […]

  • My Supposed KL Trip

    Many years ago, in the land below the wind, I received a phone call stating that I was required to be present in KL for a meeting in 3 days time. Planning ahead things as I used to be, I booked into a morning flight from KK back to Kuching, then to take another flight […]

  • Budget! Y Sabah?

    It was not that politicians in Sabah are good at lobbying, nor was it about significant of Sabah to the current government, or was it? Ok, this is the equation. During the recent budget, many projects and perks was mentioned about Sabah and Sarawak. I was utterly surprised that the development fund was focusing more […]