Month: November 2011

  • 4 Types Rogue Road Users in Kuching!

    It is now a social issue! There seems to be different loads of road users on the roads these days. 1. Young Hooligans I met one this morning, driving a modified Honda Civic – “type-R”?? This bunch of youngsters on the car thought that they own the road or something! Not only they tried to […]

  • KLIA2 Charades

    Part 1: Labu@East Several years ago, when Google Map makes it to the internet, A bunch of politician was browsing the google map and zoomed in particularly into the small island called Singapore. Zooming into the reclaimed sea outside of Changi Airport, there shows an extension of the airport which consist of a new runway […]

  • Can we get back to continue as a plural society? Please!!!!

    Back when our right honourable PM taking the helm, he called for all walks of life in Malaysia to come together and live in harmony in a plural society. Thus formed the concept of 1Malaysia. Still, recently, several fraction of society (both camp of politics), have a mind of their own. Thinking of their command […]