Can we get back to continue as a plural society? Please!!!!

Back when our right honourable PM taking the helm, he called for all walks of life in Malaysia to come together and live in harmony in a plural society. Thus formed the concept of 1Malaysia.

Still, recently, several fraction of society (both camp of politics), have a mind of their own. Thinking of their command of their own advantage over the others, they seems to be pushing some agenda through and forget about our society being plural.

As a leader, our right honourable PM strife to get the message through, I could not understand why some people would think otherwise to go against this concept of maintaining a harmony in the plural society. Whether you want to call it 1Malaysia, or you are against 1Malaysia, one must not doubt the intention of one being a leader trying to in-still harmony. But much as it seems, many doubt the intention and sincerity of such message. It is to my surprise that some fraction of society are ignorant of what they are doing. Some event doubt the intend. Whether you like it or not, the message is clear, there is the need of maintaining harmony in this plural society of ours.

Personally, I don’t think the naming is necessary. However, I do see the needs of such harmony being maintained. When one is selfish, they will think of what they want and they want other to be like them for what they want. But, as a leader, there is no more what they want that matters, but rather what our country needs, harmony, peace, prosperous society, no discrimination on other’s dispositions and conditions. I think most of these “leaders wannabe” do not know what the country needs but rather what they want or what their kind/associate/team/preference can prevail.

So, shall we all put down our differences and get back to living and maintaining a plural society, please!!!!

Disclaimer: Personal opinion expressed, reader discretion is advised!