4 Types Rogue Road Users in Kuching!

It is now a social issue! There seems to be different loads of road users on the roads these days.

1. Young Hooligans
I met one this morning, driving a modified Honda Civic – “type-R”?? This bunch of youngsters on the car thought that they own the road or something! Not only they tried to push people off the road, blocking other driver’s way, tailgating people at close range, stupidly, they drive dangerously with their vehicle. I wonder why their parent would allow them to drive  when they have no sense of safety for other users of the road. I do not think that the road bully I met this morning is matured enough to be on the road.

2. Incident Creator
Something my friend encountered yesterday, in both cases they ram a car at intersection/junction exit where the car involved is actually very much out of the way. The victims are both GM/Director of big corporates here in Sarawak, in both cases, the riders are Indonesian and in both cases demanded big sum of money

3. Weekender
These are the cars that come Kuching during weekends, you will know that they are not regular on the road when they drive extremely slow and was unsure where they are heading to. They don’t know where to turn and where is no-though-road. Their parking skill is also questionable. Sometimes I wonder if they really have proper driving licenses.

4. The regular offender.
As depicted in Kuching Driver Wall of Shame,  these are the regular law bender who is not really into thinking logically when they use the road. They only think of their own convenience and disregard of other people’s way and rights on the road.