Proton Prevé…..pee ve.

As Proton strife to prove that Proton City is still able, as in a saga to producing cars when all numbers didn’t add up while sagas continues, they tried really hard to put this show up for all. Office politically driven, Group of Engineers from the Elite team has decided to move their expert operation back to the UK. While that saga happened, the rest who stay would have to meet a political requirement to show that the Proton City is not just an white elephant, but a plant that can produced “quality” cars.

Come Proton Prevé.

Given a week after launch, Here are the sightings of the car…. Pictures are screen captured from facebook.

broken panel in Proton Prevé
Incompleted touch welding on Proton Prevé's door
Proton Prev̩ Рthe broken axle when salesman tried to bring the car at 120kmph and hit the pavement,
Proton Prev̩ Рanother view of the same broken axle

They need post production change management! and Operation Management Business Process Review!

The loco engineers may have make some assumptions when building this car, they probably met Murphy for the first time in their life. As always, Murphy’s Law rules!