Basis of statistics that Pemandu did not tell us when they publish a figure.

I’m back!

Been reading some statistics of late and could help but to wonder, have we lost it when coming to give statistics that is meaningful. The Pemandu is seemed as an PR outfit to the current government giving out all the good news and trying to justify it with numbers. I am not going to touch on all numbers but just going to touch on this one.

It was published in a local paper that crime index is lowered by 10.1%. This is followed by the claims that Public Perception of Crime vs the Crime index of Pemandu. Since Pemandu qualifies that as an index, I wonder if they dare to publish what is the inclusion and exclusion list of the index. An index is only an indicator of a selected data used for benchmarking for a certain purpose. Another question that puzzled me, where is the point of data collection? at the point of incident report or at the point of records at law-enforcement agency? is this index based on prima facie or upon reports? Is this also concatenated numbers of crime incidents or gross number index of the crime?  and a final question, what is the classifications like?