The makan scene in Kuching

I have met a lot of food operator since I have step back into the food scene in 2010. What I’ve seen can be categorically arranged into a few behavioral group. I’m not gonna touch on the good ones as they have earned our commendations and appreciations. What i’m going to touch which is in relations to some of the posting here last couple of weeks.

Change keeper – I came about knowing some of the stalls here in Kuching, when you pay them with larger nots, it will take a donkey-year for them to come back with it.

Price shocker – These are those who shock you with the price tag, especially those who conveniently forgotten to ask for price when order. E. g. Ordered bake prawn for a table of 10 and came a plate of baked udang galah at a price tag of RM 420 for that dish.

Order changer – These are the ones who change your order to a “pimp-up” meal. E. g. When you order “kolomee satu” and was served “Kolomee special” instead, or when you order “sugar cane – biasa” and comes “sugar cane besar”

Sendiwara type – These are the one who likes to play acting. E. g. When you walked in, he took your orders and 1 hours later, come back and say “tauke, sorry, habis liaw”

Stingy type – e. g. one lump of kolomee from the supplier is weighing in at 170-180g. Some will halved them and make into two. Also the char sio on the kolomee, set the thickness aside, some put 3 pieces, some 4, some accidentally put 5 and then remove one or two. Another must add example, if you buy bbq chicken, insist that you want to potong them yourself. Twice i have paid for the whole bird and when I’ve reached home, only to find half a bird.

Cuckoo type – no need much explanation. E. g. Look for the long long threads in this group to find out who are they. One of their trades is that they have the “boh jin su” attitude and when food critics complains, instead of sorry, they will come up with their explanations after explanations i. Multitudes of lingo, terms and expressions they played. They forgot that the tongue that is going to taste their food is their, but those of their customers.

I do know that with the turn of our economy been not economical any more, a lot of the food operator have to reduced the material and ingredient used in food or hike the price. Most people wouldn’t mind paying more only if the food is good. So my take is that we need to push the demands up do that the volume speaks profit for the to justify the discount rendered in price and not otherwise which the discount will ride with the food.

Happy Makan and enjoy the iftar later.

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