1malaysia call center. Beef or cow?

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I was trying to call a federal government department to ask about some taxing question, it seems that all federal gov incoming line is now routed to 1malaysia call center.

I think the IT infrastructure they are using are inadequately designed whereby all calls (VOIP) was sent to a room of sort and there are plenty of untrained staff (including team leader) who has zero customer service skill.

Most of them could not converse in English properly. Their reply are like kindergarten kids talking to adults. The grammar was in BM with words constructs in the English language.

As mentioned earlier, I was trying to call one department, but I have to make 6 phone calls just to get through. Call that has been transferred to the department was sent to the wrong officer.

If they don’t improve their customer service skill, this call center is going to be political agenda come next general election.