I’m back from being … almost.

I have not update here since 2015. A lot of things has happened since then. I was diagnosed with a brain lesion, I’ve lot my dad, I have stroke, I have lost my hearing, . .

Supposedly, in 2015, I’ve decided to put things on hold and focus on the lab, As we were given the green light to design a HAPS with drone deployment capabilities. We have successfully deployed some in 2016 . One has been up there ever since.

During the project, I fell ill, I could only get the help of assistants, Dr. Ballad has took charge while I taught him project management. Della , my assistant in the lab administration has been giving me a lot of help. With the passing of the landlord, the lab became the custodian of the land.

Last year, after a successful 2-year deployment of the rabid management drones, I handed over everything to Dr. Ballad. And I took 3 months time to finish my thesis on Thorium MSR-RTG. Both Dr. Jill Wong and myself have completed our publication. Her first doctorate and my 9th.

The lab has moved to Indonesia, just few feet from the border.

Right after our peer review, we have the COVID-19 pandemic. When the disease went public in Wuhan in December 2019, I was called upon by 3 countries to assist them with epidemiology. All 3 countries are doing very well in containing the epidemic.

I will post some thoughts on COVID-19 later.

Anyway, good to be back and good to be alive.