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This is my personal Web log.

The information you get from this website is from me, and my sources. Reading it means that you have agreed not to ask for the origin of my information.

All contents in this website are not affiliated with any of my employers and the Government I worked for.

All posts marked as sensitive issues are deemed controversial hence it will stay that way. Reader reading it means that reader has agreed that it will stay that way and agreed not to take this matter out of the realm of this blog.

Reader discretion is always and forever advised on any content on this website.

All posts in this site are personal.

All posts in this site and all the photographs are my interlectual property. Please do not use without prior authorisation from me. Should you wish to use any of these pictures, kindly emaill me at pw@kuchingfest.com

If the wordings on this website is offensive to you, it will stay as-is and you are hereby agreed that you will not take things further other than just reading it and leave it alone. Should you wish to object to the offensive words, you are advised to email to me at pw@kuchingfest.com. I will always consider your objection.

Contents on this blog can and will be changed without any prior notices. Most of the entry is done via voice to text software over handphone, some mistake might occur due to words having the similar/blur Pronunciations.

In this blog, I might use some neutral word or politically correct word, for those who do not understand what I mean, Kindly refer to the following list (Vulgarity guarantteed).

Refer to my list

For those who wish to post things on this site, please register yourself. I will moderate all posts.

Reminder Added 31 March 2006:
All the posting on this web site stays in the realm and jurisdiction of this web site. Reader discretion is always and forever advised. All contents shall remain in this blog and shall not be used , reproduced, printed or extracted without prior written (letters, and email) consent from me. Violation of this terms means offender has violated the Malaysian Copyright Act 1987 and possession of such materials can be prosecuted under the law. I will play my part in letting and exercising certain exceptions to the use of my contents at my discretion. I also reserved my right to revoke the permission to use at any time that I deem fit. I would like to emphasized once again that all contents here are personal. And finally, I am not interested in politic.

To the Pierce Hater out there, your presence at my blog is no longer welcomed. Please leave mi casa de la tela (My home on the net) at once.

Added 2 April 2006:
All comments posted here by individual are the responsibilities of the commenters. Comments not from me are consider contents of this web site but are not to be considered my comments. Individual who make comments here are fully responsible for all the consequences that results from the comments.

However, I would remind all of you that reader’s discretion is always and forever advised when you are accessing this web site.

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