Author: JMamre

  • Sorry Sami, your time to retire has come.

    Dear Sami, Sorry about your lost, Its time for you to enjoy the remnants of your life. Yours sincerely The people.

  • Saya Yang Mengikut Perintah

    I would think some idiot when signing their name would think “Saya Yang Mengikut Perintah” Some civil Servants alway sign their official letter using the above title. This sort of wording is kind of like CC in Pua Chu Kang movie (Cover Ca-ch’ng). To me, some of these people who signed the letter has no […]

  • No check on air-polution by MOE.

    The Ministry of Environment & DBKU should have do their job even after office hours. They should have people stationed down at Demak Laut Industries to monitor the air quality there as it is not safe for people to inhale ferus smoke coming out of a steel factory from 6pm – 6 am daily. Put […]

  • CVLB Doggone Commitment!

    (Disclaimer added by Pierce: John was the co-owner of the domain until 2005 when he migrated to NZ seeking for a greener pasture. The rant posted by John does not in anyway reflect my point of view and it is John’s Point of view. Reader discretion is advised. ) Of late, I think what […]