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  • Left right and center

    This is to those who hasn’t known that I have left my previous employment, here it goes. And to some back stabbing ass hole who is ass wiping someone else but trying to discredit me. Yes! I have left SAINS/SNT. No, I was not sacked by SAINS, nor was I asked to leave. I left […]

  • the #yorais phenomenon

    What started as a show of mixed role he played as the minister for both culture and communications turns out to be a PR nightmare for the Information minister. For the very start, It is utterly uncomprehensible to have a minister in charge of information and communications to give that kind of comment. as sighted […]

  • Some doctors (Not all) (MD not Dr)

    From the point of view of one internet user from who is connecting to my site via an open proxy from Ontario, Canada, We went into a sort of arguement. The topic is whether Dr. Jessie Chung really deserve the title "Dr". I came to my conclusion that the user whose persona a medical school […]

  • Clear before mess !!Please READ!!

    Just to clear the air of those visiting this site, occasionally, if there is an outage of TMNET streamyx or if TMNET has decided to reset any ports in KCH1, Kuching Exchange, this site will be down. This is because this site is in a server in my house using a dynamic IP from TM […]