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  • Bersih 2.0?? what about Kotor 2.0? (Incl Perkasa & Umno Youth Marches)

    ok, I know some people would think about why I blog about this, Actually, I want to blog about the other aspect of holding a rally! Though I knew Datuk Ambiga in some brief meets before, I could won’t touch on whether Bersih 2.0 is right or wrong or on the right side or on […]

  • SBC Invitation: Talk on New Animal Discoveries

    Dear Friends The Sarawak Biodiversity Centre in collaboration with Sarawak State Library is organising a Public Talk entitled “New Animal Discoveries” by Dr Ronald Orenstein. We would be glad if you, your colleagues, friends and family, could join us at this talk which will be held on 16 June 2006 (details are as follows). Date: […]