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Proton Prevé…..pee ve.

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As Proton strife to prove that Proton City is still able, as in a saga to producing cars when all numbers didn’t add up while sagas continues, they tried really hard to put this show up for all. Office politically … Continue reading

Quench the Internet in Malaysia

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I was shocked to read the news coming in whole morning till now that our right honourable PM has said on international forum that Malaysia is forming regulatory guidelines on Internet. Measures includes guidelines for online publications and registry of … Continue reading

I laugh my socks off on this

Posted by Pierce in BolehLand, Jokes | Comments Off on I laugh my socks off on this KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 2 (Bernama) — Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s official website ‘My-Malaysia-Muhyiddin Yassin untuk Malaysia,’ launched on Saturday, has received over 7,000 visitors as of 11pm Monday. According to the website, this showed that the … Continue reading

insulting the sultanas?

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I was having my my regular box of my favourite sultanas raisins over the weekend, which co-incite with the cases of several bloggers writing insulting remarks on the Sultans; having stroll through the supermarket near my house for my refill … Continue reading

Women’s day?!?!?!

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Yo desmond, What are you doing in a women’s day celebration? Celebrating to become a woman? …..