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  • The Tonnage has decreased to maintain cost.

    A work site has a shocking news today. Because the contract is fixed on the price, the supplier has to decrease the tonnage of the goods supplied just to maintain cost within the agreed range. While it is not all roses, one thing the truckers is happy is that they get to carry lesser number […]

  • The accidental winner

    The Digi Challenge for Change came as a last moment thing when I got a call from wackybecky who wanted to give my contact to cerventus. This brings in a phone call from Emily! Knowing that there were that many start up weekend coming to Malaysia, this is a rare opportunity. I pushed myself into […]

  • What do we get from them ‘oyl’?

    When we stare at the Petroleum Development Act and also the financial reports of Petronas, Shell, et al, we couldn’t help but to wonder, where did all those money have gone to? I won’t be caring about what’s going back to the company but I would be intrigued by what is going back to the […]

  • Fuel Surcharges

    One thing that people will noticed when booking for airlines tickets is the amount of fuel surcharges imposed on these flight, most of which will indicates that the airlines trying to be creative in collecting more money as per purchase of their services. While AirAsia pushes in with these surcharges on May 3 onwards, on […]

  • shell’s last resort In the recent fire as cited here, shell have no alternative but to force majeures the 11 contracts it has from the ill-fated refinery. The effect of these is that some contract is now not fulfil-able at selling windows making the contract price void and buyer would have to realign it’s contract windows and […]