Category: Christian Faith

  • Why “prayer rally” is not according to the teaching of the Bible!

    It seems that politician here in Bolehland, whether they are in the looms or in the lights are often enough crossing themselves into the realm of religion touching on sensitive matters. Christian treasures two things in life more than anything else. 1. Bible – The word of God and God Himself John 1:1:  1aIn the […]

  • The Degrading Laodicea Experience

    The intended target of this blog is the fellow “saints” of the church. Many things has happened to me lately. Giving me a new experience of Christ this year. Yes, I still love the Lord. Yes, I still believed in him. However, I have lost faith in the church which my grand-uncle has founded. I […]

  • Story of Caine and Abel.

    Something that most people don’t know, or don’t realised is the value that Abel has in mind about serving God as a profession whilst Caine prefer to feed himself. Though both has offerred up their best of produce. People at that time (during Adam’s age) eat fruits and produced from trees. Only when it comes […]

  • To Christmas or not to christmas

    This evening Bro Terry and I fellowshipped on the matters on christmas celebration with Joe. We mentioned that not all christian celebrate Xmas. The history is not based on the true account of the Bible. If you check the bible carefully, the fact has been twisted through time. In the bible, Christ birth was on […]