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ref: Truly, a “quality” writings from Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus…  Points of contentions:1. It is categorised as non-refereed text for the conference. I would have thought public paper should not include spot quotes and non-refereed information establishment. In the … Continue reading

My Supposed KL Trip

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Many years ago, in the land below the wind, I received a phone call stating that I was required to be present in KL for a meeting in 3 days time. Planning ahead things as I used to be, I … Continue reading

Carbon Credit’s call

Posted by Pierce in Living | Tagged , , , , | Comments Off on Carbon Credit’s call A lot we read about carbon footprint and carbon credit. In particularly the Carbon Credit. Though in the past year, our Prime Minister has quoted that Malaysia projecting the reduction of Carbon footprint by 40% in the next … Continue reading

Water! oh! Water! Why are you so Expensive?

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I was baffled by the price of water of late when my dad’s house ran out of water twice last week, buying some water from supermarket for consumption causes me to shout out loud. How could this happened in Malaysia???!!!??? … Continue reading

Where is the water?

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Part of Kuching was left waterless for 14 hours yesterday, This was due to some mishaps at the construction site near Jalan Song where the Water Main to the prime are was knocked out by an excavator. Any attempt of … Continue reading