Category: Murmuring

  • Fuel Price – the week that was

    When RON 95 price went up, some politicians says that recent (did not qualify how long) oil price has increased. I kind of beg to differ. Of the recent weeks, Price increased was sparked by incident in Syria and that was only for a couple of days. The market has normalised. What surprised me was […]

  • Male Prostitute Saga

    There is this guy who stays around where I do my daily physio. He being a gentleman, always friendly to the people around the area. What came as a shocker today is that I saw a well known woman (someone with a title) in town sitting at coffee shop early in the morning. There these […]

  • Proton Prevé…..pee ve.

    As Proton strife to prove that Proton City is still able, as in a saga to producing cars when all numbers didn’t add up while sagas continues, they tried really hard to put this show up for all. Office politically driven, Group of Engineers from the Elite team has decided to move their expert operation […]

  • 4 Types Rogue Road Users in Kuching!

    It is now a social issue! There seems to be different loads of road users on the roads these days. 1. Young Hooligans I met one this morning, driving a modified Honda Civic – “type-R”?? This bunch of youngsters on the car thought that they own the road or something! Not only they tried to […]

  • Vertigo, vertigo vertigo

    Same old problem when I see people as if they are walking on the ceiling while they are walking straight up.