Category: News in town

  • Google in Malaysia

    What has come to a surprise to me is that Google has open it’s office here in Malaysia. Being on social media over this side of Malaysia, I wasn’t loomed into the pictures as I would really like to be there for this historical moment.

  • Reinventing Tuak – #iheartborneo

    3 couchsurfers who is bunking at my house over the weekend went into overdrive on foodscapade, those guys at Tandemic has been wowing at the food all over Kuching.

  • Who?

    This is the day we find out, who is the possible ones to lead us as the leader of the community. So, its the final countdown.

  • Safety at Cloud Estate, Kuching

    I have just learnt from one source of mine at SGH that a hospital worker walking down Cloud Estate where she rented a room, was raped last night at knife point after been mobbed of almost all of her valuable belongings including her car. What is alarming is that only just hours before that, one […]

  • Can you feel the heat.

    The weather is having a fever lately. Last night register a scotching 30°C and today, my candle has melted early morning having to clean it up. Another point of fever to consider, this kind of weather has caused many type of sickness to surface.