Category: Reality

  • The accidental winner

    The Digi Challenge for Change came as a last moment thing when I got a call from wackybecky who wanted to give my contact to cerventus. This brings in a phone call from Emily! Knowing that there were that many start up weekend coming to Malaysia, this is a rare opportunity. I pushed myself into […]

  • This is how I email my friend lately.

  • Golfing Pro at 102

    Age is not the limit for pros to hit hole in one.

  • Business opportunity

    There is a IT related business to let go. The current owner has personal reason to let go. One party is currently interested but there is still a need for another party. Total investment would be around RM 30K per party. Business currently have a steady sales of RM 10K a month with operation cost […]

  • The end of a Saga

    The world, some rejoice, some sadden over the hanging of Saddam Hussien. A Legend, a page in the world’s history and the end of a Saga.